... balanced temperament, longevity & structure

... balanced temperament, longevity & structure

Raising quality Golden Retrievers since 1999.

Our goal is happy, healthy Golden Retrievers that have the added bonus of a pretty face and correct structure. We emphasize the importance of a happy balanced temperament, while considering and doing our best to give every puppy the best start towards a long healthy life.

Current Litters

Hope x Hefner litter announcement 2024 - 6 males and 4 females

Four females and six males. A couple of males available to suitable homes. Currently accepting puppy applications for this and future litters.


Eirene's Chase N Chicks

Nadina's Hot Pursuit

1 Male pup - Looking for the perfect home for him. Currently accepting puppy applications

Nadina Golden Retrievers - dogs walking in a field

A little about us ...

Nadina Goldens is located in the beautiful Okanagan, on the outskirts of Kelowna, BC. Although you will find Jacquie and some of the Golden crew in Mountain View County (northwest of Calgary), AB.

Our dogs are a part of our family, and are in the house, out on the trails with us as we camp, hike, run and play.   

Golden Retrievers should be a happy go-lucky dog that enjoy being a part of the family, are content to just hang out with you, or do whatever activities you are doing. This is why the balanced temperament is of utmost importance to us

Planned Litters

Halle x CH 2025 planned litter

We are planning for Halle to have a litter in 2025. Currently accepting puppy applications

BIS BISS Multi-BPIG GChB (Grand Champion Bronze)

Nadina's Just Stickn To My Story