Puppy Adoption Details

Nadina Golden Retrievers - dogs walking in a field

All our puppies are raised in our home, often in the kitchen so they experience all the sights and sounds of normal busy household. We spend time with each individual puppy right from day one until the day they leave us ensuring that each puppy is closely monitored and is exposed to Early Neurological Stimulation and that continues to age appropriate exposure to numerous different people and situations in a safe manner to facilitate the start of a well-rounded and socialized dog.

The parents of every litter are health tested by Board Certified Veterinary Specialists and this includes, but may not be limited to:

  • OFA hips and/or PennHIP
  • OFA Elbows
  • OFA Heart
  • Annual OFA Eye Clearances

Prior to a puppy leaving us, your puppy will have had their first set of vaccines and health check up (unless the vaccine nomograph shows otherwise for the vaccination). 

We are very fortunate to have numerous wonderful families that are waiting for puppies from us, and we usually have a waitlist that is around a year long, give or take a little bit.